​berlin food stylistics


berlin food stylisticsのケータリングサービスは、大切なお客様へのおもてなしをお手伝いします。





berlin food stylistics' catering service will assist “omotenashi”,

Japanese-style dedicated hospitality, for your important guests.


We will make catering foods wholeheartedly

so that your guests can enjoy the taste, colour and smell of ingredients.


It is our pleasure that your guests have the memorable special day.

berlin food stylistics

*Omotenashi is a service concept for which no simple translation exists. Thoughtfulness, dedication to customers' needs and meticulous attention to the detail are key elements.



Tasty, healthy and colourful Japanese foods are beautifully placed in a wooden box.

You can enjoy sharing great time & food at home/office party.



Japanese style heartwarming, healthy and colourful "BENTO BOX" (lunch box).

It has a good volume.

Good for lunch meeting, shooting. etc.

berlin food stylisticsのオリジナルケーキ。


berlin  food stylistics' original cakes.

You can choose from a rich variety of tasty cakes for your family/friends' birthday, reception party. etc.